Open Beta Phase Notice - Our open beta may have some bugs. Rest assured, we're releasing updates weekly.

Welcome to Pixefy!

Thank You for Installing our extension!

And here are some tips to help you get started quickly.

Add new Pane

The extension starts with a default Responsive pane. To add more, click the + icon. You can select from presets or add another responsive pane.

User Agent Strings

Mimic Real Devices

Easily switch between user agent strings to emulate real devices. You can select from our preset options or add your own custom user agents to see how your website performs across different devices.


Load Content in Iframe

Some websites prevent content from loading in iframes due to X-Frame-Options settings. Use our extension to bypass these restrictions and view the content within an iframe, ensuring you can fully test and interact with embedded pages.

Explore All Features

A wide array of features has been implemented, with more innovations on the way. Keep an eye out for more!

Measure Chrome Tabs Easily

Drag your browser and instantly access every dimension you need.

Sync / Unsync

Events across all panes are automatically kept in sync.

Orientation Switcher

Swap the viewport dimensions to replicate changing the orientation of your device.

Screen Size Standards

Ensure your design looks great on devices with the most popular screen resolutions.

Zoom Control

Individually zoom in or out on each pane for detailed viewing and adjustments.

Bypass iFrame Restrictions

Access any website, even those typically restricted from iFrame viewing, with ease.

Test on Real Devices

Discover how your design appears on actual devices using our user agent feature.

Text & Image Insights

Get real-time character counts for your text and sizes for every image, all at a glance.

Instant Content Editing

Modify text or swap images across the web and see updates reflected in other panes immediately.

Easy Screenshot Tool

Grab a screenshot of what's visible in your pane, whether it's just a portion or the full page.

Stay Tuned

New features are on the horizon


Quick Answers

Discover answers to our most frequently asked questions

Does Pixefy extension accurately render as real devices?

The Pixefy extension uses user agent strings aiming to display pages nearly identical to actual devices, although it may not provide 100% accuracy.

Can the extension be used on all websites?

Due to security restrictions from Google's Manifest V3, some websites may not be accessible with the extension. However, the majority of sites are.

Does Pixefy render the page with the same engine as the browser?

Yes, Pixefy is built as extension for browser and uses as its native rendering engine. For now we support Chrome, but soon we will release an update for all other popular browsers.

Where can I request new features?

You can request features through this link or on our Google Chrome Store support page, please contact us here.

Is a Paid Version Coming After the Beta?

Pixefy will continue to be available for free, but we will indeed launch a paid version after the beta period.

How do I update the extension?

The extension automatically updates to the latest version once you restart your browser, if an update is available.
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